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Joining the Initiative is totally free, but the following must be adhered to strictly to conform to the working principles of the Initiative;


Established brands and businesses are allowed to join the YEIED platform as partners and sponsors of our various projects and programmes. They stand to benefit a host of opportunities that span across access to a pool of young entrepreneurs with business ideas and solutions to immense development and integration into the young entrepreneurial market.


Young entrepreneurs with businesses and business ideas are allowed to join the platform and leverage off the opportunities. Leveraging will only be possible if such interested individual or group of individuals attend our workshops, exhibitions, conferences, forums, symposiums and colloquiums.


Other groups that may be directly or indirectly linked to the Initiative’s modus operandi will not be allowed to join but will be allowed to participate only in our various projects and programmes. They may choose to partner with YEIED or support a cause.


Government bodies and agencies will be allowed to leverage off the opportunities the platform will provide by effective participation and support of projects and programmes and they will also be required to play advisory roles  where needed.


YEIED is the acronym for Young Entrepreneurs Initiative for Economic Development. YEIED is a platform that aims at bridging the gap between young entrepreneurs and their target market. It serves as a networking pool where young entrepreneurs get to interact with brands and businesses that drive the various industries within the economy. This is in a bid to check unemployment and militate crime and insecurity.

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